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Modicon 984 PLCsRequest a Quote

Modicon 984 PLCs are designed as a compatible family, the individual products in the family offer a wide range of functionality and physical attributes. This means you can use the right PLC for the right job – no matter what application.

The PLC is available in three basics physical configurations: compact, chassis mount and slot mount. Slot mount PLCs use an advance microprocessor architecture that incorporates system and power components into single compact modules. These modules mount in the primary 800 Series I/O sub racks. They include the 984-38x series. 984-48x series, 984-685 series, and 984-785 series PLCs. These models cover small to large control applications with logic solve time ranging from 1.0…5 milliseconds/K of user logic. Slot mount PLCs are the perfect choice for small to large applications such as machine or process control.

Chassis mount PLCs are housed in rugged four or seven slot chassis. These PLCs comprise a set of modular system boards that are individually installed in slots in the chassis. Chassis mount PLCs include the 984A, 984B, and 984X models. These models cover mid range to extra large control application with high performance logic solve time of about 0.75 milliseconds/K of user logic.

General 984 Environmental specifications as following:
• Ambient Temperature : 0 – 60oC , 32 – 140oF • Humidity : 0 – 95% non condensing • Shock : 10 G’s for 11 msec • Vibration : .625 @50 – 500 Hz • RFI/EMI Emission : Complies with applicable FCC requirements • RFI/EMI Susceptibility : ML-STD-461B; CS02-Conducted; RS03-Radiated • UL Listing :E54088 • CSA Listing : LR32678

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